Recovery Solutions Enrollment Disaster Recovery Testing

When an enrolled client declares a disaster, RS will configure, deploy and deliver a Mobile Bank Facility (within hours of notification) allowing you to restore your normal business operations. Our Mobile Bank Facilities are configured specifically for the financial industry and contain secure teller lines, drive-up window, customer service counters, office space, computer technology, encrypted satellite communications (Internet, Core Provider or VoIP telephone), and other financial industry specific equipment configured to your specific needs.

Once on-site, our team will provide the necessary installation, technical, and operations services to assist in all aspects of rapid deployment and recovery of your critical business functions within the mobile bank facility ensuring that you will resume critical business functions within your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

At Recovery Solutions (RS), our team has the expertise to assist your institution in planning, facilitating and documenting all types of BCP testing (e.g., comprehensive “LiveSite” disaster recovery testing within a Mobile Financial Facility, functional tabletop testing, pandemic tabletop testing, call tree testing and fire drill testing). Our team has expertise and tools to guide your team in developing an effective test plan and to then assist them in performing these annual tests.

Enrolled institutions are entitled to an annual comprehensive disaster recovery test in our LiveSite Disaster Recovery Test Center in Plainfield, Illinois for the term of the Enrollment Agreement. This test is performed in one of Recovery Solutions Mobile Financial Facilities to simulate how the institution will recover critical business functions and operate inside a Mobile Financial Facility in the event of an actual disaster. This annual test is supported by Recovery Solutions personnel at no additional charge to the enrolled institution.

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