Recovery Solutions – The Company

Recovery Solutions (RS) was formed in 2005 through the passion and vision of Richard T. Lavin, its Founder and President. Advances in technology gave Rick the opportunity to design an extremely innovative Disaster Recovery / Business Resumption solution for financial institutions. The key component to the solution is a sophisticated satellite based technology system which simply was not available before 2004 by the Core Providers. RS has taken full advantage of technological advancements over the past several years to offer its clients a true state-of-the-art solution to assure business continuity.

Recovery Solutions has grown to become the leader in providing disaster recovery to the financial community across the United States. Recovery Solutions understands the mechanics to restoration, FFIEC compliance and demonstration to full business resumption through their annual “LiveSite” disaster recovery tests. The team will document the annual test activities which will allow an institution to have a comprehensive report to share with the Board of Directors and/or regulatory agency. Recovery Solutions has implemented a step-by-step process to assist financial institutions with restoring their critical applications, technology components and securing encrypted communications to their Core Provider and/or branch network through satellite connectivity quickly and easily.

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